Image package selection

This is the new install wizard. Click here for the classic install screen.
Your server supports the following image package(s)
GDlib Version 2.

The installer selected 'GD2'

The installer tried to find ImageMagick, but could not determine its existence or there was an error.
Coppermine can use the ImageMagick 'convert' program to create thumbnails. Quality of images produced by ImageMagick is superior to GD1 but equivalent to GD2.
If ImageMagick is installed on your system and you want to use it,
you need to input the full path to the 'convert' program below.
On Windows the path should look something like 'c:/ImageMagick/' and should not contain any space, on Unix is it something like '/usr/bin/'.
If you have no idea wether you have ImageMagick or not, leave this field empty - the installer will then try to use GD2 by default (which is what most users have).
You can change this later as well (in Coppermine's config screen), so don't be afraid if you're not sure what to enter here - leave it blank.

Path to ImageMagick: